August 31- Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars


Albireo in the constellation Cygnus (The Swan)

Evening Highlights:
  • Jupiter at magnitude -1.9 is rapidly setting in the west tonight, so it will be our first target.
  • Next we turn to Saturn at magnitude 0.4, with its rings tilted 26 degrees for Earthbound observers, but fairly low in the southern sky.
  • Finally, Mars at magnitude -2.1 will be bigger and brighter than Saturn and toward the east a ways.
  • M31: The Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral galaxy and only 2.5 million light years from Earth.  M31 is also the only galaxy that can be seen with the naked-eye.  M31 would have been included in a June program, but did not rise then until very late in the night.
  • If you arrive by car, please park by 7:20 PM.  Bring a chair if you can.  Our presentation will start about 7:40, and observing at 8:30.

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Tonight’s Images

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